Friday, September 18, 2009

Hide the Remote!

So today I told the girls that they could watch Caillou for a little while. I turned on the TV to PBS and went upstairs to fold some laundry. It was quiet downstairs so I figured that they were watching the show, but I was wrong! Layne yelled that she couldn't find Caillou and I told her that it should be on because I turned it to the right channel. She then told me that she pushed the button on the remote (meaning the OnDemand button that we use to watch already recorded shows that Comcast puts up each month). My heart started racing because if you just start pushing random buttons you could end up finding more than kids shows...
Well it turns out that ordered an "ADULT" film... you know, the ones that cost $14.99. Luckily I pushed cancel right before the, I'm sure high quality movie, "Big Boobs" popped on screen. I told her that only I could use the remote and then quickly hid it from her.
What are the chances of a kid pushing random buttons on a remote and ending up purchasing an adult film. My job for tonight is to find the child lock on the remote...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Layne started school today and she was very excited about it. She woke up smiling and telling me that it is a school day! After we finished our french toast we loaded everyone up in the stroller and walked to school. Layne wouldn't stop talking the entire way to school, but once we entered the building she was silent! She loved finding her hook and hanging up her backpack, but when I told her it was time to go into her classroom she told me she had to hug her sisters first. It was the cutest thing! Abby cried when she realized that Layne wasn't coming with us, but that quickly stopped when she saw a few dogs our on walk back home.
Abby didn't know what to do without her big sister, so she stuck like glue to me for the next 2 1/2 hours! I'm hoping this will change, but it must be hard on Abby since she has always had someone to play with.
Layne was smiling when we picked her up and proud to show me her artwork that she had made today. She was very quick to hug Abby and Molly and tell them that she was done with school for the day.
I'm going to miss my big girl this year, but I know that she will love school and socializing with the boys and girls in her class.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day Weekend with awesome weather. We spent our last weekend of the summer at my parent's cottage. The girls had an awesome time playing with their cousins, Zach and Carter. Layne and Abby loved sporting the new wetsuits Grandma bought for the cottage. They fit perfectly as you can see from the pictures. :) Here are some pictures from the weekend.



Tubing fun!


Last tube ride of the summer

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hudsonville Fair

Last weekend we went to the Hudsonville Fair with Matt, Allison, Zach and Carter. The weather wasn't the best, but that turned out to be a good thing because it wasn't very busy! It was dollar day, so all of the rides were only a dollar (thank goodness because I wasn't about to pay three dollars for a carousal ride). Layne loved all of the rides that she was able to go on (next year she'll be able to ride more). Abby wished she could have gone on all of the rides, but she was just too small. Here are some pictures from the day.

The Ferris wheel

Everybody on (check out that carnie!)!

Sticky hat

Carousal ride

Bumper cars - Layne loved this ride

Dragon "teacups" - Andy got the girls so dizzy on this ride

Matt, Allison, Zach and Carter on the dragon "teacups"