Friday, September 18, 2009

Hide the Remote!

So today I told the girls that they could watch Caillou for a little while. I turned on the TV to PBS and went upstairs to fold some laundry. It was quiet downstairs so I figured that they were watching the show, but I was wrong! Layne yelled that she couldn't find Caillou and I told her that it should be on because I turned it to the right channel. She then told me that she pushed the button on the remote (meaning the OnDemand button that we use to watch already recorded shows that Comcast puts up each month). My heart started racing because if you just start pushing random buttons you could end up finding more than kids shows...
Well it turns out that ordered an "ADULT" film... you know, the ones that cost $14.99. Luckily I pushed cancel right before the, I'm sure high quality movie, "Big Boobs" popped on screen. I told her that only I could use the remote and then quickly hid it from her.
What are the chances of a kid pushing random buttons on a remote and ending up purchasing an adult film. My job for tonight is to find the child lock on the remote...


  1. This is too funny!!! Every once in a while we are flipping through our recorded shows and find things that neither Jason or I recorded, and we can only assume it was random button pushing by one of the kids.

  2. WOW. I'm so glad we don't have cable (or whatever it is!) Both funny and anxiety producing at the same time!