Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slug Bug

I love Super bowl commercials! I thought that this year there were quite a few good commercials. I really like the Betty White commercial for Snickers and the all of the baby Etrade commercials were hysterical, but my favorite commercial was the Volkswagen commercial with Stevie Wonder. This was so funny for many reasons. I grew up doing "slug bug" to my family members whenever we would see a VW Bug (ahhhh childhood memories). My family had an awesome VW Van when I was little and I drove a VW Golf (with no heat or AC) when I was in college, so I think that VW's are pretty great. I even tried talking Andy into getting an VW Eurovan when we were van shopping last spring, but he shot that down real fast. The best part of the commercial was when Stevie wonder said, "Red one," and then slugged Tracy Morgan. Hilarious!! What were your favorite Superbowl commercials?

1 comment:

  1. I did watch a bunch of the commercials, but hadn't seen that one.
    Awesome :)